The 81st General Meeting of the IEC: Standardizing diversity

The Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology is the federal executive body providing state services, administration of public estate in the field of technical regulating and metrology.

The agency carries out licensing of activities for the manufacture and maintenance of measurement instrumentation, and assumes the functions of state metrological control and supervision until changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation come into effect. It also controls and supervises compliance of mandatory requirements of state standards and technical regulations until a decision is taken by the Government of the Russian Federation on delegating these functions to another federal executive authority.

The Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology acts directly through its territorial bodies and organizations under its jurisdiction.

Rosstandart hosts the IEC National Committee of the Russian Federation. Rosstandart is a national standardization, metrology and state supervision body. There are 120 employees in the central office, 86 regional centers and 10 standardization and metrology institutes under the supervision of Rosstandart. There are 353 national technical committees and about 16,000 people working in the Russian national standardization system.