The Host

Message from the Host: the Russian National Committee of the IEC

Alexey Abramov
Head of the Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology
The Russian National Committee of the IEC is proud to host the 81st IEC General Meeting and looks forward to welcoming you to Vladivostok

The special role of standardization in modern industrial practice is not in question. It is standardization that ensures the efficient use of a country’s scientific and technological potential. Standardization has become a catalyzer of innovative reorganization of production facilities and supports the monitoring of security parameters and preservation of the environment. Common product quality assurance standards protect markets from counterfeit and pirated goods.

The role of standardization in high-tech industries and component base is worth mentioning, especially in the electrotechnical sector. The Russian Federation has gained significant experience in this area. In our country, the Russian National Committee of the IEC is hosted by our national standardization body, which has been in existence for more than 90 years.

At all stages of our activity, much attention has been paid to standardization for security, compatibility, and is currently being turned to the power efficiency of electrical devices. However, certain factors, such as the colossal territory of the country, our presence in various climatic zones, and our various and specific economic activities, put Russia in a special position.

That is why we speak of the uniqueness of Russian standards development; with a number of major reliability assurance requirements to satisfy, Russian standardizers are leaders in this area. More than 20 national standards technical committees currently work in the electrotechnical sector.

Nowadays, the period of development for new kinds of goods and services is dramatically shorter. Meanwhile, requirements to enhance the quality and timeliness of standardization solutions are becoming ever more stringent. Worldwide, standardization needs to be on time and in line with new methods, products and technologies. Only the joint work of nations and experts, within the framework of International Electrotechnical Commission, can achieve this. Development of up-to-date standardization deliverables helps to solve principal problems of international industrial cooperation, and, in this way, to cope with global challenges both today and in the future.