Message from the IEC

Message from the IEC President

James M. Shannon
IEC President
I look forward to seeing you at the 81st General Meeting in Vladivostok in October.

For the last 110 years IEC has been a leader in helping countries all over the world to become safer and more efficient. Today IEC provides the technological foundation to address some of our greatest challenges like energy access, rapid urbanization and climate change. The platform for international cooperation provided by IEC has never been more important than it is today.

The IEC process brings together thousands of experts from every corner of the globe to share their expertise and collaborate in a neutral setting. We welcome different viewpoints and invite participation from the public and private sectors in developed and developing countries. This broad and inclusive approach is why IEC is so well respected in the world.

IEC continuously adapts to evolving needs and technological advances. Our close collaboration with industry leaders ensures that the work of the IEC keeps pace with ever changing conditions and fosters the development of new technologies.

By bringing to meetings like this such diverse talent, the IEC plays a unique role in bringing the benefits of technology to the global economy. Your work in the IEC is what makes all of this possible. Thank you for being part of the IEC.