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IEC Young Professionals program

9 October 2017

The IEC Young Professionals program brings together future experts: engineers, technicians and managers. The purpose of this program is to introduce young, ambitious and promising specialists from IEC member countries, united by common goals and desire to integrate into the International Electrotechnical Commission structures at all levels.

The IEC Young Professionals program has started in 2010 in Seattle (USA) and has already become an integral part of the annual IEC GMs, which took place in 2011 in Melbourne (Australia), 2012 in Oslo (Norway), 2013 in New Delhi (India), 2014 in Tokyo (Japan), 2015 in Minsk (Belarus), 2016 in Frankfurt (Germany). Over seven years more than 350 young professionals from all over the world have joined the program.

Russian Federation is the host country of the IEC General Meeting in 2017. The Young Professionals forum will be held in Vladivostok.

The official part of the forum is designed for 3 days and includes a number of events developed by the coordinators of the event, taking into account the experience of previous years.

One of the events of the forum is a meeting of young specialists with the leaders and IEC officers, members of the Standardization (SMB) and Conformity Assessment (CAB) boards, which provides a unique opportunity to communicate with top managers of this leading organization in the field of standardization and conformity assessment of electrical products - International Electrotechnical Commission.

The presidents of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), European and other international and regional standardization organizations take part in the meetings of the SMB and CAB, which indicates the desire to reach a consensus in decision-making. Young specialists act only as observers here, but to immerse in the atmosphere of the international event, which is the IEC GM, that is important for the technical community, to observe the process of discussion and decision-making both on resonant issues that cause disagreement and unanimously accepted, is an unique experience!

International standards do not appear on their own. This is a rather long and painstaking process, requiring joint efforts of all interested parties: representatives of manufacturers, science, trade associations, consumers. All the standards are periodically updated: they make changes, additions, corrections, sometimes even a cardinal nature. All this takes place at the meetings of the working groups and the technical committees of the IEC. Attending these meetings is another event organized for young professionals. Within the framework of the selected technical committees, it is possible to communicate directly with its members and discuss emerging issues. Become a direct participant in the meeting of the technical committee, see how decisions are made, what issues are discussed and in what form - all this gives the young specialist an idea of ​​how the work of the IEC technical committees is organized.

It should be noted that during the forum, questions are asked not only by young specialists. At the "closed breakout sessions", where participants are divided into groups, the organizers of the forum propose questions. The task of each group is to discuss and present their vision of the answers within a certain time. The groups, led by the leaders of the young specialists of past years, prepare their decisions and presentations on each issue proposed for discussion. Often the participants themselves choose representatives who will present the presentations to the IEC management and all delegates. This is a real opportunity to demonstrate your potential and activity within the group and to claim the title of leader of young professionals. The choice of leaders is organized by direct voting of all participants on the last day of the forum.

During the seven years of the forum, representatives of the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Mexico, Australia, Denmark, the Netherlands, South Africa and New Zealand, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Korea became leaders of young professionals.

The IEC Young Professionals Forum opens the doors to young professionals from all countries and provides opportunities for further integration into the IEC structure at all levels.

"In any organization, succession planning for staff is vital, but is often poorly implemented. The IEC, fortunately, understood the importance of developing its future professionals, employees and managers and organized a program for the preparation and further integration of the young and active generation in the IEC structures at the national and global levels. Participation in the forum of young professionals is an excellent opportunity to show their abilities, understand the mechanisms of the work of the IEC, its organizational structure, talk with young representatives of other countries and representatives of the IEC leadership".

Alex Buel - representative of Young Professionals of the 76th IEC General Meeting in Oslo, Norway.