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TC 47

15 June 2017

Established in 1960, Technical Committee 47: Semiconductor devices has seen the marketplace in which it operates evolve rapidly as technology breakthroughs make new applications emerge virtually on a daily basis. The requirements for semiconductors are incredibly varied, from flat panel displays to mobile devices and satellites, from electronic toys to railway applications, aircraft or road vehicles, to name but a few. New application areas are Internet of Things (IoT) and Human Body Communication (HBC), for instance.

TC 47’s scope is understandably wide-ranging and defined as such: to prepare International Standards for the design, manufacture, use, reuse and testing of discrete semiconductor devices, integrated circuits, sensors, electronic component assemblies, interface requirements and micro-electromechanical devices, using environmentally sound practices. It comprises four Sub Committees, SC 47 A: Integrated circuits, SC 47D: Semiconductor devices packaging, SC47 E: Discreet semiconductor devices and SC 47F: Micro-electromechanical systems.