• Sponsoring

Involvement at many levels:
Value-added sponsorship

Dedicated players in the electrotechnical sector have the chance to act as sponsors, and thus to contribute financial or content involvement to the success of the 81th IEC General Meeting, including its supporting programme. The concept of value-added sponsorship has been specially developed for this purpose.

Value-added sponsorship provides sponsors with a high level of visibility and attention through the classic visual and communication channels. However, it also offers a unique opportunity to appeal to an expert international audience by presenting thematically relevant content as a leading, future-oriented or future-shaping company.

Value-added sponsors will become genuine co-hosts of various platforms at forum level at the 81th IEC General Meeting in Vladivostok. The special quality of this involvement as part of the value-added sponsorship scheme results to no small degree in a new sense of presence and awareness, which goes far beyond the potential of classic sponsorship.

For all sponsorship inquiries please write to info@gost.ru